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ill rip your heart out// [entries|friends|calendar]
sincerely yours- finally.

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[07 Feb 2004|07:24pm]
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[07 Feb 2004|07:14pm]
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[13 Jan 2004|07:59am]
new journal
add it.
ps[im keeping this one, bitches<3]
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[12 Jan 2004|01:02pm]
our hands hang over the edge; dripping wonderfully; like hearts on paper; but my pen has run out; my heart is bleeding because i tried; i cried your name; but you don't hear me.
i screamed it out

[10 Jan 2004|09:10am]
[ mood | worried ]

okay, so im not at home anymore, and i dont plan on going back, i cant. long story. um..i dont have a cell phone with me, so you guys cant call me. and i really dont know what im going to do. i seriously need all the help i can get..i dont have any money, or any change of clothes. and im scared..honestly. will<3 thank you so much for last night i owe you my life.-- but if any of you can help me out, leave a comment, or something. and ill get internet access. if you can, leave your number so i can call you-- if you cant thats okay as well. put it in your away message or something..i guess. not that that would be any better. but hey.
thanks so much you guys.
i love you all
(especially will patterson :P )

amie :(

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[08 Jan 2004|06:29pm]
[ mood | creative ]

side a

radiohead - exit music
bright eyes - amy in the white coat
catpower - the colours and the kids
elliott - almeda
azure ray - another week
cursive - a red so deep
modestmouse - baby blue sedan
rilo kiley - all the good that won't come out of us
neutral milk hotel - naomi
yeahyeahyeahs - secret song

side b

camera obscura - 80's fan
belle&sebastian - get me away from here i'm dying
my morning jacket - mahgeeta
pretty girls make graves - our emergency
the anniversary - crooked crown
the good life - a lot of love
brand new - the no seatbelt song
the softies - snow like this
deathcab for cutie - translanticism

anyone want a copy? when i get it finished. ill make them<3

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[07 Jan 2004|08:55pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

last night was good.
&. after letting go is hot
&. so is lauren
&. here goes a great update
After Letting GO.<3Collapse )

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[04 Jan 2004|02:55pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Fist to yo facex: there used to be a special kid that had a crush on me all thru highschool
audiblescreaming: that was me cody--
Fist to yo facex: everytime she'd see me she'd go 'hiiii cody...' and like try to bat her eyelashes
Fist to yo facex: she like perverted too...it was odd
Fist to yo facex: and she'd like pull her skirt up sometimes and the lady withher would like FREAK OUT
Fist to yo facex: and id just be like 'dood control your damn kid'
Fist to yo facex: and walk away
audiblescreaming: HAHAHAHHAA.


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[04 Jan 2004|02:32pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

michelle adams, is a horribe direction giver.
with that being said.
here is how my yesterday went.

i went to michelles-- & we went to go pick up todd, and brought him back to michelles house. where we had to devise a way to waste around 9 hours. which we did, effeciently. (if thats spelled wrong, someone feel free to correct it, like maybe michael arthur..since you like correcting my grammar errors) so we decided to randomly go to the mall-- and of course, no one was there. so we walked around a little, then left after about 2 hours or so. & it was back to michelles. mmm. good times. haha-- around 8 we leave for the mx90 show. & ive decided that the guys in the band, are really sweet, we talked to brett for a long time--and tyler, and they're both really nice. i just think that some of their "fans" are assholes. hehe. no names. ;) we listened to them for a while-- then me lauren julie jamie melissa michelle brett tyler jt jake todd blahblahblah went outside-- and stayed out there till it was time to leave.. haha; although i dont think that jamie burns likes me too much, thats okay, i guess. haha :/

lj cut time--

i cant ever think of anything neat to put in these things..Collapse )</3

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[31 Dec 2003|11:58pm]
[ mood | silly ]

tonight is great!! [it'd be better if certain people werent living, and didnt have access to a heartbeat, but hey.] first me and nicole went to the beverage gallery. too see some kid nicole wanted to see. we saw some cool kids, then that was-- over, quickly. THEN!! kevin, dana, matt and gregory come over for a surprise visit. <3 & we're going to two or three all night parties in greensboro. i was supposed to do something with will; but something happened with that. so you know. you'd think that people would learn from experience. being lied too. but i guess some people are just too dense. ;)
so now im going out with dana & co. ill be back tommorow!! maybe ;) if you want to do something call me!!

and happy new years!!<3<3 too a few people..

im such a bitch. i love it. ;)

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[31 Dec 2003|07:44pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

i took this post out-- too much drama

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[31 Dec 2003|11:08am]
[ mood | indifferent ]

warning- amie ashley warningsign89 anna doublea_c lauren withaknilikeit padd iloveme_not02 & will patterson willpatterson are the coolest individuals in burlington. keep that in mind when viewing this post.
ashley and anna come over to my house at like 2 or so. and we hang around here, then go see lauren. haha that was a short lived visit. so after that. lauren and paddi come over for pizza. then we "go to laurens to watch a movie" but we're really getting anna to pick us up to go see will at izod-- so we get there, and anna and her friend have to leave. so we are, in a sense stranded at izod. but we're like yeah we can get a ride, no big deal. so we hang around, get some great pictures. & then i call my mom, too make sure everythings going smoothly..
amie--hey mom we're at laurens watching a movie, we'll be home when its over!
mom-- well, ashley's mom is on her way over here to get her right now. so you need to come home right now.
amie-- ohhh ...man...okay! -click-
yeah. so i hang up, and we panic. but luckily will patterson comes to the rescue! -duh-
and takes us all home. and surprisingly, my mom doesnt know anything. and we're home free. cool huh? and we all owe it to the wonderful will patterson. :) <3

IZOD!! is the place to be!!Collapse )

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[28 Dec 2003|10:59pm]


lets prevent the drama bitches
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[28 Dec 2003|04:50pm]

me and ambers dirty scrabble game. some of the words make no sense at all. but its hot. ;) you know your jealous. hahaa. yeah baby. xo long post in a few minutes
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[27 Dec 2003|04:23pm]
[ mood | Brand New//Reason Why ]

i dont really feel like updating about everything/everyone ive hung out with recently, although its been quite a trip
but i do feel like mentioning the fact that im going to the beloved show tonight.
it should be a blast. many of my friends will be there, so..you know :) ill see you guys there.
and if you dont know about it, go anyways 8 at aces bacement. call me on my cell for directions, hehe.

long update soon. so be prepared. bitches<3


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[27 Dec 2003|09:50am]
my moms goes
'when you get home you wont have your computer'
so we'll see.

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[25 Dec 2003|10:03pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

wow! that last post was huge. sorry kids, i have no clue on how to size it down :( but i mean, its hot..right?

hehe, so i had a good christmas. reallly good christmas. i was surprised. but i got a digital camera, hence my hot pictures. and some cds, a dvd player and clothes, and other 'stuff' hehe.
you know how it goes.

but im out; anyone wanna hang out tommorow? i think im free. but im not totally sure. but ill make room for you! hehe.
then saturday ill be with my lover ELLEN rollthecredits most of the day, then its off to ambers amber_roberts then the BELOVED show with her and 29402934 other people. without_armor all_ihaveisrain an0nym0us_err0r lauren! withaknilikeit
michael! xthinkingxofux -get better michael!!<3 and maybe will? willpatterson

so it should be alot of fun! hehe


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[25 Dec 2003|09:45pm]
[ mood | curious ]

my room. ohh boy. i love it. god im so gross.

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[24 Dec 2003|09:44pm]
im sorry andrew i love you.
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[24 Dec 2003|09:15pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

yeah so its christmas eve. shouldnt i be happy? how ironic that im not. if you guys dont want to be sad on xmas eve, dont read this. & whatever you do dont fucking comment, and tell me to get a life. this is my journal, and i can legally say anything i please. with that being said. here goes;

so your supposed to lean on your friends when your sad, or upset. funny how everyone ive tried to talk to, ignores me. or is like 'oh amie things will get better, its just a phase' yeah, i imed those few that i did, with the hope that they would make me feel better, or atleast attempt. but i guess i was wrong, like i am 90% of the time now a days. i just find it hilarious that after everything i do for people, they cant so much as offer me comforting words in a time of need. maybe its just the fact that i dont do enough. or maybe people are just using me because they know ill do anything for them. with my luck, i probably dont even really have 'real' friends. just people that feel sorry for me. i hope that isnt the case, i hope there are a few people out there who really do love me. but with what im seeing. there arnt. i just feel so lost, its pathetic. maybe im the one thats pathetic, not my feelings. :/ i dont know why im feeling this way, but i really hope someone helps me. atleast makes me smile. that'd help alot. but im starting to believe thats too much to ask. i used to think that i was unique & individualistic, but now i feel as if im just a part of the crowd. maybe thats what i am. i just wish life was easy again. it sucks to feel like this on christmas eve, i really wish i could be happy. but not everyones wish can come true. especially not one as worthless as mine.

merry christmas everyone...

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[23 Dec 2003|10:25pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Amie: That's the indie in me.
Courtney: I'm 1/64 Cherokee.

haha panera conversations with courtney<3<3<3

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[23 Dec 2003|09:55pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

went to lindsaybarbour's house. and we watched the scariest movie ;x 'misery' haha.. ohhh god. </3> & courtney gracefulgoose12& ashley warningsign89 met up at the beverage gallery. haha<3 [shiny pennies!!] and my dad's funny stories -8 degrees and 349023982382 degrees. haha
and PANERA. the lemons and hiding under the tables! haha. hot.

so i left them, took lindsay a latte, and came home. fasdsajkldtsjf I TALKED TO BRANDON GOODMAN!!<3<3<3<3
i loveee him to death.
i havent talked to him
<3<3 we talked for like
2 hours.
fucking a.
but yeah, im out

merry christmas eve eve.

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[23 Dec 2003|11:01am]
lvlarijuanaMan: man
lvlarijuanaMan: I'm not mentioned once in your journal
lvlarijuanaMan: you suck

there pat! :)
i screamed it out

[22 Dec 2003|10:44pm]
well i went to the mall with michelle all_ihaveisrain and we met up with wes there. & he let me lay on his coat haha. awe;
and then i met kevin without_armor & his girlfriend. but we didnt get too hang out with them too much. because we were in a hurry. sorry kevin<3<3 :[ we can hang out soon though. hehe. then we met ross, unseenreveriesx but he had to leave </3> house
saturday= virginia!!<3 naneenya movies, beverage gallery, walmart.

wanna do something? lets.

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[22 Dec 2003|10:01pm]
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[22 Dec 2003|09:47am]
[ mood | melancholy ]

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.

01. I am a livejournal junkie.
02. I'm disappointed when I go to read my friends' page and there aren't any new entries.
03. I am a CD whore.
04. I do have xanga
05. I prefer Livejournal.
06. I stay up late at night.
07. hot pink is my favorite color
08. I hate people who TypE LyKe D1s.
09. I like to sing.
10. I like ugly shoes
11. I could really stay up for hours on end.
12. I hate being ignored.
13. im paranoid
14. i make my own clothes most of the time
15. I hate dressing up.
16. My stomach hurts alot
17. I am lazy.
18. Im getting my tounge pierced
19. I love art.
20. my room is way to messy
21. I hate running long distances- i get bored.
22. im scared of butterflies
23. Eggnog is gross.
24. I can't sleep with socks on.
25. I hate being late and when others are late.
26. I'm such a geek.
27. im not easily swayed
28. im cold alot
29. i love my eyes
30. My hands are warm.
31. i hate posers
32. I wish I was more of a perfectionist.

33. I should study more.
34. I'm a very random person.
35. I don't like having my own secrets.
36. I hate being in awkward situations.
37. I'm not good at good-byes. They make me too sad.
38. I am extremely protective of my CDs.
39. i use cherry scented shampoo
40. I play soccer
41. I'm an independent person.
42. I hate beer-I like liquor better.
43. I find reality shows humorous.
44. If I misspell a word, I have to delete the whole word and start over.
45. I dont have 2 lives, im one person, and everyone knows it.
46. I used to like hanson. i mean, who didnt?
47. Music is my life
48. I daydream about scary situations. [house catching on fire]
49. I love being online.
50. I am the world's biggest procrastinator.
51. I hate racism.

52. I want to see the world.
53. I am afraid to live alone.
54. I like meeting new people.
55. I can be shy..
56. ..or outgoing. It all depends.
57. when im mean, i really am..
58. I don't understand why guys choose bitches for girlfriends.
59. I am NOT high maintenance.
60. I hate window shopping, why look if you aren't going to buy?

61. I hate my handwriting
62. I love movies, when i'm feeling lazy.
63. I love caramel lattes
64. I'm not going to Cotillion-not going to be there, but most of my friends are.
65.I seem to always have strange dreams.
66. I never lose my cds- i'm overprotective.

67. I wish I volunteered more.
68.I hate when my nose is runny.
69. I like to write.

70. I hate my church.
71. I like hardcore music, all the time.
72. Driving fast is incredibly wonderful, but I rarely ever drive fast.
73. Im banned from the burlington theater
74. I don't throw stuff away.
75.My eyes water when I'm watching someone else's water.
77. I love shopping, when I have money to spend.
78. I'm not as tired as I thought I would be.
79. I love the beach.
80. I love milkshakes.
81. I can't wait to go to college
82. I haven't heard a good joke in a long time.
83. I like reading about embarassing moments.
84. I love to travel.
85. I love baths.
86.I've seen the second LOTR..

87. i love brand new
88. I like finding a bargain.
89. I hate looking at myself in the mirror, unless I'm feeling good and pretty.
90. I hate feeling lonely.
91. My eyes change colors when im sad.
92. When I was little, I thought making out meant having sex.
93. I have mood swings
94.Time goes by too fast at all the wrong moments.
95. I find myself most happy at concerts with great music.

96. I like to be needed.
97. I like who i am
98. i cut my own hair ;o!
99. I hate taking pictures.
100.I love life. [sometimes].

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[21 Dec 2003|10:04pm]
im so happy <3
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[21 Dec 2003|06:40pm]

this is james, welcome him to the nc scene. i mean. hes too hot for us and all, but still. we can pretend we can liveup to his sexyness. i guess.

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[21 Dec 2003|12:59pm]
of reveries x: i dont give a fuck phoenix is my fuckin idol, ill take his side to the fuckin grave
audiblescreaming: well its not like im going to shoot you or anything.
audiblescreaming: calm down.
of reveries x: and they were talkin shit cause stories never told are some bitches
audiblescreaming: no, they're my really good friends.
of reveries x: stabbin phoenix in the back, talkin shit about tyler

the part i 'convienetly left out'
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[21 Dec 2003|10:00am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

well last night was exciting! me and brittany crumplerisnt_it_ironic went to sandy's subs to see stories never told. and mx90 [firecracker] play. when we pulled up the first person i saw was ZACK BARLOW. and he ran up and gave me a huge hug. and we talked about how much we missed each other and how we had to hang out asap. then i saw chris clark! we talked for a minute, then he had to go unload the equipment. nick king was there, because he plays in the band..but it was kind of depressing seeing him but knowing we weren't allowed to be friends anymore. so i spoke to him..and that was it. :[ it was really depressing. but i saw willpatterson aka rrr there, and stayed with him a minute or two, that lasted till his fan club got there. ashleeyyy pattoooon warningsign89 was there with us. megan martin was there, she was my elementary school buddy. hehe. so i got to see her, janell, alison, and one of their other friends. i MET; us6twowithdix1 !! jvo !! naneenya !! of_reveries and some other non lj(Ers) including john chester, nick thompson, etc..etc. karessa was there formula4dreamin so i stayed with her and clayton for a while. then stories never told, started playing. they were REALLY good. but all the westerners thought it was cool to say 'you suck get off the stage fuckers, MX90!!' i mean come on, thats way to immature. thats shit 6th graders might pull. its pathetic really. but neverless, stories never told we're really good. <3<3 then MX90 got up to play, i didnt really pay any attention to them. any band that talks shit about another one, and cant say it to their face cant be that good. so i go to sandys, and michelle all_ihaveisrain and april get there. right as it's ending. but thats okay, i love them to death. but when i got home me and johnny got in a fight about the bands.. here's an excerpt of our conversation.--

audiblescreaming: what was up with all your western pals saying shit about stories never told
of reveries x: i was talkin shit to
audiblescreaming: i heard you.
of reveries x: im the one who yelled fuck you guys MX90 rules
audiblescreaming: yeah and i was the one who yelled
audiblescreaming: ;-) <3
of reveries x: to who?
audiblescreaming: mx90
audiblescreaming: hahaha
audiblescreaming: i mean, its only fair.
of reveries x: fuck that, thats some fuckin bull shit MX90 rocked the fuckin house
audiblescreaming: stories never told we're greaaat.
of reveries x: that aint got shit on MX90
of reveries x: they*
audiblescreaming: that was pretty immature though
audiblescreaming: yelling at stories never told.
audiblescreaming: i mean, why fucking play a show with them
audiblescreaming: if all you can do is talk shit.
audiblescreaming: if you think they suck, say it to them. dont yell it over a crowd of people.
of reveries x: i dont give a fuck phoenix is my fuckin idol, ill take his side to the fuckin grave
audiblescreaming: well its not like im going to shoot you or anything.
audiblescreaming: calm down.
of reveries x: and they were talkin shit cause stories never told are some bitches
audiblescreaming: no, they're my really good friends.
of reveries x: stabbin phoenix in the back, talkin shit about tyler
audiblescreaming: well you guys had no problem returning the favor.
of reveries x: your friends make me fuckin sick
audiblescreaming: well your friends are vomit inducing.
audiblescreaming: :-)
of reveries x: well when stories never told are suckin a fat cock its kind of hard not to vomit

then i was like uh okay. im sorry lets not fight about this. and heres the reply--

of reveries x: you done attacked the most important people in my life it dont just end with i dont want to fight
audiblescreaming: well you basically did the same..
audiblescreaming: :-\
of reveries x: hell yeah and i aint gone back down from what i believe in
audiblescreaming: well then
audiblescreaming: lets fight.
audiblescreaming: i mean
audiblescreaming: thats the cool thing to do
of reveries x: no, but the way i see it its the right thing to do
audiblescreaming: well then lets fight
of reveries x: i say you stop apologizin
audiblescreaming: why?
of reveries x: because thats bullshit and its takin the easy way out
audiblescreaming: well guess what
audiblescreaming: im taking the easy way out.
audiblescreaming: i mean if you want to keep going with the insults, i have plenttty of them
audiblescreaming: and we can glady carry on
audiblescreaming: but im pretty sure its not going to accomplish ANYTHING.
of reveries x: your right it wont so fuck off

exciting right? well i cried because of it. stupid emo kid tears. isnt THAT pathetic. i mean, i guess it is. haha. whateverrrr. i just hope its over soon.



edit//johnny im not sorry for what i said. i meant every word of it. i just want to be friends, but if your going to let that stupid confrontation get in the way of a perfectly good friendship, maybe i dont need a friend like you anyways :(
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[20 Dec 2003|02:59pm]

mmm. i wanna get in HIS pants. haha. hes so mine.

<3<3<3 you josh!

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[20 Dec 2003|11:48am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i hate people that dont have backbones. stop going along with something you hate & then bitching about it.
its pathetic. you need to learn that people dont give a fuck about your problems if they know you could solve them for yourself if you tried, maybe if you learned that people would accept you as a human being. but until then. my unforgiving advice is go suck a loaded gun.
you know who you are.

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[19 Dec 2003|09:53pm]
What will your Funeral be like? by rashock
You will die by:You die in sweet bliss while having sex with your lover or partner. Seems they were so good your heart couldn't stand it and stopped. Talk about a heart breaker, but at least everyone sees you inyour casket with a smile of your face.
Death Date:June 6, 2072
Number attending your funeral?456
How much will you leave to friends and family?$4,748,836
Created with quill18's MemeGen!


wooowwww. 456. if only these things we're reaaal
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[19 Dec 2003|08:56pm]
My LiveJournal 12 Days
My True Love gave to me...
12 _offairs a-yodeling.
11 act0fdepressi0ns a-bouncing.
10 acustikdreams a-smiling.
9 all_ihaveisrains a-raving.
8 an0nym0us_err0rs a-groaning.
7 katie_whiteys a-sniffing.
6 lindsaybarbours a-squeaking.
5 blue make_it_burns.
4 milking of_reveriess.
3 Icelandic poopy_lumpskinss.
2 kitten skepticscottys.
And a without_armor in a watermelon tree.
Get gifts! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
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[19 Dec 2003|07:56pm]
someone kill my mom.
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[19 Dec 2003|07:43pm]
i feel like my life is falling apart.
&.im pretty sure only a few people can help.
&. its not your fault
&. thats about it
&. im sorry johnny.

[ps] this is a generic livejournal i hate life post. so please dont comment and tell me that im bitching. i realize that.
[pss] if your lucky, a happier post will follow.

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[19 Dec 2003|04:41pm]
You are scene as fuck. Not only do you know the
fashion, but you know the music. If you're not
getting laid, you should be.

How scene are you?!
brought to you by Quizilla

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[18 Dec 2003|08:29pm]
i need a boyfriend.
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[18 Dec 2003|06:56pm]

itll make me sad :(
i screamed it out

[16 Dec 2003|02:42pm]

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[16 Dec 2003|12:11pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

yesterday karessa formula4dreamin picked me up from whs & we went up to greensboro to meet mel acustikdream her sister, clayton and akeem -sp- we took some crazy pictures which ill try and post for you later, and did some pretty crazy stuff. [clayton proposing to me, fainting in af, 'hmm! id like a drink right about now', and yelling at people off the balcony.] haha. i had way too much fun. but i got 0 xmas shopping done. :[ but thats not all kids. me and ressa get back in btown, and im like hey lets go see will! willpatterson so we head up to izod and stop in to make his night a little bit more exciting. after buying a shirt and trying on hats with the best salesman in nc, we headed back to colonial mall to finish up some stuff. but once again we got nothing done. which is probably for the better. but we did see jeff and thomas in fye. haha. so that was fun. then i get home-- get yelled at. you know the drill.

and today im at home. deathly sick with the flu. like everyone else and their mom is. SO. i should probably go make today worthwhile and stop by walmart and develop my film and get some cds for everyone. mmm yeah. so im going to be pretty busy. but-- no one forget about

Dec 27, Sat. - Beloved/Glass Casket/Self Portrait/Ctrl Alt Del @ Aces Basement. everyone has to be there! <3<3 and then this saturday there's a show. but i have to get information on that for you later.
ill keep up with commenting and things. i promise. ;)



edit..//im sure that by now everyone has heard about what connor herron & michael searcy did to adam coble. its pretty sick when you can kick someone in the face so many times that they have to have reconstructive surgery and are blind and just walk away like nothing happened. its repulsive. i cant wait to see what happens to them-- that sounds hypocritical but everyone deserves a little hipocracy once and a while.. these guys are serious fuckups. and they deserve the worst.


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[14 Dec 2003|09:03pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

two hour delay tommorow-- like whoaaaa

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[14 Dec 2003|06:45pm]



Glad you like your new layout :) <33333333

ps: qdogg can't watch.
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[14 Dec 2003|04:03pm]
[ mood | hot for mattie ]

okay so yeah. im at matties. 'getting it' haha.

me and her and julie went out to lunch at harrisons. mmm. and me and julie got in a fight about the dangers of frozen water.-- i love them too much


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[13 Dec 2003|03:54pm]
dear immune system--
i hate you..
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[13 Dec 2003|03:33pm]
yeah so yesterday was my birthday. for all of you who didnt notice the huge birthday post below this. i got as follows--

(9 cds)
(some blank shirts)
(a broken heart music box)
(26 handmade cards)
(3 gift certficates totalling 120$$)
(a new watch)
(star stickers & other various star shaped things)
(condoms--thanks alex)
(a picture album with almost everyone i love in it)
(3490349395285329082942 hugs)
(6493202420520525839253 kisses)
(socks--thx shana)
(pink ribbon)
(a new cover for my cell phone--with glow in the dark pink stars on it)
(a carebear pen)
(and a carebear castle thing)

and more to come. hehe. my parents got me 30$$ and a gift certficate to bath and bodyworks. the rest of my lovely gifts were compliments of my good great friends.<3333
last night i went out to eat at panera with kelly. too see LAUREN!!withaknilikeit <3<3 that was fun. i love laurenmotherfuckingblackwell
then we picked up anita and went to the bg- to meet ressa and johnny-- but they werent there.. i just missed them.
so then we went to see think tank at sandys.
then me and elizabeth went back to the beverage gallery and saw some cool kids<3 mm lattes.
then today michelleall_ihaveisrain stopped by with my THRICE cd-- she wrapped it in ducktape. and that took me approx. 45 minutes to unwrap.. thanks michelle..
then kelly stopped by. and gave me 20$$ and some carebear stuff that kept us busy till she left.
and then mattie make_it_burn & katie katie_whitey are supposed to stop by anytime now with my alk3 cd and ribbon. hehe-- then im spending the night at matties.

so overall ill give it a A++ minus the fact that i had- and still have the flu. :(

thanks everyone for making it worthwhile<3

ex motherfucking oh--amie
[ps] i love kdogg and qdogg. ;)
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[10 Dec 2003|10:50am]
[ mood | geeky ]

yeah its my birthday-- likewhoa
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[10 Dec 2003|10:50am]
What is YOUR Christmas present? by silvertwilight24
Presentreally tacky jewelry...where's the receipt?
From a relative? Lover...s?Was it Jerry? Maybe Nick? Tony?! There are so many, I can't remember!!!
Man, some people give presents late...December 22, 2016
How was it delivered?By mouth....OPEN WIDE!!!
Created with quill18's MemeGen!
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[10 Dec 2003|10:50am]
[ mood | distressed ]

yeahh-- tonight was good for a while. i met josh! an0nym0us_err0r hes so hot. so it all evens out i guess. ;)
</b> anyways- so me and jeff get to 'ace's basement' and i call josh. and hes at burger king--..yeah. so after he gets in we go in. hang out a while and after letting go starts playing..wow can we say hot. i think we can. after the goodwill plays-- i get a phone call on my cell from rick- 'yeah sam was in a car accident, he wanted me to call you and tell you' WHAT IS IT WITH MY FRIENDS AND CAR WRECKS? WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME--- WHY, WHEN IM HAVING A DECENT TIME I GET A FUCKING PHONE CALL AND IT RUINS EVERYTHING. JASFJSKGLFKASJSJ STUPID CARS RIDE YOUR FUCKING BIKES
okay..yeah. so me and jeff leave, and go see sam. turns out hes okay- he broadsided a hummer. and it just dented it like 3 inches inward. and his car was totaled- (honda civic) poor sam; but everyones okay..so basically my night was ruined for no purpose. yayyy. so i come home and get on here. but im glad i went tonight. it was fun. gotta love the 'nc scene' hahaa. likewhoa..

im out----comment!


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[08 Dec 2003|09:16pm]
[ mood | creative ]

b crumpler 2007: amie, dearest. you made my heart ache when i saw you walk down the long cement path to your vehicle. it hurt me so deep inside. <3 haha!
b crumpler 2007: eek!
audiblescreaming: hahahahahaha
audiblescreaming: lover- it hurt me just walking away from you.
b crumpler 2007: now that makes me feel good!!! yaya

im so hot.


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